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Here are some of the clients we work with to promote their garden-related products. For a list of our preferred breeders, visit this page.

Armitage’s Greatest Perennials & Annual Garden Mobile Phone App

Allan Armitage's Greatest Annuals and Perennials Garden App

World famous Dr. Allan Armitage has developed a new gardening phone app for Androids and iPhones. The app spans the gap between the horticultural industry and consumers.  Dr. Armitage selected his favorite annuals and perennials, letting readers know why he chose them and provides hints for success in the home landscape.

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Add Your Independent Garden Center for FREE!

Download these simple instructions on how to post your garden center on Dr. A’s app for free.

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Allan Armitage, Horticulturalist

Allan Armitage“I have been around this industry for a good many years, and like many of us old timers, we have worked with great ones and not so great ones.  Maria Zampini and UpShoot are at the front of my list of “Great People, Great Companies”.  I do not give such recommendations easily, but people like Maria are not found easily. If I need something answered, a job done professionally, elegantly and on time, I need only write her and it is done. There are few people who can compete with me on ideas for a given project, but Maria has always has them, is not afraid to voice them.  The result is something much better than you ever thought possible.  I enjoy the relationship with Maria and her excellent staff and hope to continue hand in hand down the garden path for many years to come.”

Bobbie’s Green Thumb – Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard Into the Garden of Your Dreams

Garden Renovation: The BookGardens, just like houses, sometimes need makeovers. The changes can be as minor as replacing a shrub or as major as pulling everything up and starting from scratch. No matter the size of the space or the scope of the project, the sage advice in Garden Renovation will help turn a problem-filled yard into a paradise. Bobbie Schwartz draws on her years of experience as a garden designer to teach homeowners how to evaluate the plants and features present in their yards, determine what to keep and what to remove, choose the right plants and design plans for successful remodels, and how to know when to hire help. A gallery of before-and-after photos provides ideas and inspiration for turning a tired garden into an enlivening retreat.

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Bobbie SchwartzBobbie Schwartz, Award-Winning Landscape Designer

Award-winning landscape designer Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD, lectures nationally and writes columns on perennials and landscape design. Her signature style is the use of perennials, flowering shrubs, and ornamental grasses to create year-round color and interest.

Botany Lane Greenhouse

Botany Lane Greenhouse is a locally owned and operated wholesale production center providing plan material ranging from liners to finished product. The center serves independent garden centers and landscapers in Colorado and other select states.

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Concept Plants

Concept Plants logoOver 250 new plant varieties from 150 different breeders are under management by Concept Plants®, who represents proud breeders and their new plant varieties in the North American Market. Concept Plants helps the breeder with plant patents, trialing, trial and license agreements, introductions, photography, collecting royalties and much more! Our goal for the breeder is to achieve optimum royalty returns in order to encourage the breeder to continue breeding.

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daVinci Decorated Pots logodaVinci Decorated Pots

daVinci Decorated Pots offers IML designer styled, premium grow pots and drop-ins. Designs are inspired by nature, works of fine art and today’s designer trends. Made in the USA.

Floral Elixir Co. Handcrafted Floral Drink Mixers

Floral Elixir Co. started from an idea to start enhancing cocktails with flowers in late 2008 when owner, Nora Egger, returned to the US after living in Europe for ten years.  Nora had spent her time living between Europe and the US, and while working in Europe she traveled extensively to more distant countries.  She immersed herself in the incredible foods, herbs, and drinks that those cultures offered. Nora noticed that flowers played a role in creating beautiful drinks and dishes in many of the places she visited.  Upon her return to the US, she wanted to revisit those experiences and create her own line of cocktail and soda mixers. She crafts each bottle by hand with a team in very small kettles.

Her company strives to source top quality natural and organic flowers and their distilled extracts to create a strong essence, or Elixir, by blending them with a touch of pure cane sugar to create an incredibly potent enhancer for cocktails and sodas.

“Simply adding a splash of our Floral Elixirs transforms spirits or sodas into adventurous libations for any occasion!””

Nora Egger, Founder of Floral Elixir Co.

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Haven’s Authentic Brand Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Tea

Authentic Have Brand Your way to grow Naturally!

Annie Haven, a well-known and beloved member of the garden community, produces manure tea from her grass-fed livestock which are raised as naturally as possible. No stress and no worries and plenty to eat, Annie’s cattle live comfortably in a beautiful field in the heart of nature. Harvested and packaged by hand for the home gardener, her manure tea provides 100 nature nutrients to the soil for optimal plant growth. As Annie says, “It’s Mother Nature at her best.”

Annie Haven, Natural Brew Master

Annie Haven“Our Haven Brand Manure Tea packets are designed especially for the ever expanding small scale gardening market. Over the years, we have seen the demand for our natural manure tea grow from smaller-scaled farmers to the home gardener. It is exciting to see the resurgence of growing your own food and a commitment by gardeners to be as organic and natural as possible throughout the growing process. Whether you are tending a high rise balcony, a home of indoor plants or a small city lot, our all natural tea does the trick.  We hand pick the manure and then hand-pack each tea bag. Steeped overnight, each batch of manure tea is concentrated, making it easy and cost effective to feed a lot of plants with a single tea bag.”


Instant Hedge logoInstantHedge offers a quick solution to enhance garden decor/ design and landscaping as it does not need water, time to grow, pruning or fertilizer. Use Instant Hedge to create a focal point, to provide privacy or to cover unsightly areas.

Founder Brent Markus’s designs have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Gardening, and the Garden Conservancy Open Days program. Since 2014, InstantHedge has produced more than 500,000 plants and patented technology for hedge production and harvesting.

Instant Hedge field

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J. Berry Nursery

J Berry Nursery logoJ. Berry Nursery is committed to “Creating Beauty that Inspires.” The company’s extensive trialing ensures all new plant genetics introduced outperform the competition in production, at retail, and for the customer.

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Mobilegro© Platinum Series Vertical Garden Cart

Mobilegro product photoMobilegro logoMobilegro© provides a new approach to small-space gardening uniquely adapted for gardeners who live in apartments, high-rise condos, or have small decks and patios. It can be situated on verandas, terraces, rooftops, balconies, porches or urban courtyards.

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Angela DiMaggio,  President/Inventor

Angela DiMaggio“There are many individuals in the gardening/horticultural industry, but there is only one person who is respected, trusted and admired above all the rest. Maria Zampini is that and more. She is the official ‘go to’ person – who seriously possesses a magnitude of valuable knowledge and expertise to guide individuals, nurseries, professional horticulturists and national companies in making appropriate decisions for their environments.

This is not a “job” for her, but an honest passion, that is a part of her amazing family heritage in the gardening industry, dating back to the early 1920’s. Maria is dedicated, hardworking and committed to constantly presenting beneficial knowledge to everyone. Besides all of these accolades she is authentically a very wonderful person, who upon knowing her, people instantly covet as a lifelong dear friend!”

Native Roots™

genetically diverse plantsNative plants. Native life. Native Roots, LLC specializes in native plants and all that comes with them. Native Roots™, (NR™) is their branded line of selected native plants for residential and commercial applications.

Native Roots logoThey also offer Genetically Diverse (GD) native plant and seeds which, provided by Native Roots, LLC, are numbered in the thousands of species. In addition to native plants, they have a full garden and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

The Nonstop Garden

Persian Spire™ ParrotiaFollow Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner’s trusted advice to build a truly nonstop garden in The Nonstop Garden. Replete with creative planting options for a year-round interest garden and a yard that requires less maintenance than a traditional perennial border. Three LCN Selections plants featured in the publication includes:

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Stephanie Cohen, Co-Author

Stephanie Cohen“I’m excited about working with UpShoot to promote this publication as they just ‘get it.’ Having both a horticultural background and progressive marketing approach, I’m confident my book sales numbers on Amazon have increased. For some time I have been looking for someone to help me promote my projects. I was truly lucky in finding “UpShoot’ run by two bright, energetic, and lively ladies in our green industry!! They have great skills and real social media depth that I lack. I feel honored to be working with them as they make me feel like a friend and not just another client. They are the fantastic and I certainly rate two thumbs up for UpShoot.”

Jennifer BennerJennifer Benner, Co-Author

“In today’s world, you’ll find many marketers without a specialty—selling any old widget. Not UpShoot, they talk the talk and walk the walk. True horticulture professionals through and through. They know the industry and how to spread the word about great products, creatively and with integrity.”


Plantipp logo“Bringing People, Plants and Ideas Together”

Plantipp represents breeders from all over the world and manages more than 250 different plant varieties. They stay in direct contact with partners in The Netherlands and abroad to closely follow and control the development of a new variety. Plantipp’s specialized know-how and large network makes breeders, growers and partners stand out in the market by testing, introducing, managing, protecting, controlling and promoting new varieties together.

The Ring Weeder

The Ring WeederThe Ring Weeder is simplicity at its finest; a garden tool that fits your finger, helping gardeners of all ages and ability weed densely planted areas where larger tools won’t fit.

It is useful in flower beds, square foot veggie gardens, pavement seams and more.

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Vinnie Suozzi, President – Angel Tool Company

Vincent Souzzi“I want to thank Maria Zampini and Upshoot for the amazing job they did on my press release for my new garden tool, The Ring Weeder.  Being a new company and having a new garden tool, I was in need for a way to promote it for its inaugural  spring season.  Maria Zampini was the right person to get this done.  Not only was she prompt in getting back to me on all the garden writer inquires we received, she was also a great resource.

The Ring Weeder LogoShe went above and beyond for me and The Ring Weeder.  Maria took it upon herself to help me and guide me through my first press release. Her professionalism from beginning to end was second to none. I would highly recommend her and Upshoot to any company looking to get the word out on any product they need to get to the public.”