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March 6, 2013

Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR

‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush PBR
Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP 19,035

cotinusoldfashionednewfoliage   cotinus_old_fashioned_foliage

Height & Spread 6′ h x 5′ w
Shape Broad and upright
Flower Fleeting, bright yellow-green
Fruit N/A
Zone 5
Foliage - Spring: Purple flushed new growth
- Summer: Blue-gray mature foliage
- Fall: Pink, orange and red hues


Old Fashioned Flyer

- Garden specimen shrub
- Can be trained into a small tree
- Cut flowers
- Deer resistant

Plant genetics provided by PlantIPP/Concept Plants


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