Preferred Breeders
and Plants We Represent

For LCN Selectionssearch by grower or plant to find liner or finished plant providers.
For all other new plant introductions from UpShoot, please contact to connect you with a liner or finished product source.

UpShoot’s portfolio of additional quality breeders and woody ornamental plants include:

Commercial Nursery

Firebird™ Variegated Flowering Dogwood

Concept PlantsBambini® Desire Phlox
Big Time® Blue Lavendula
Burning Love Leucothoe
Carousel® Pink Passion Hibiscus
Miss Saori Hydrangea
Pentastic™ Red Penstemon
SunFlare™ Hakonechloa
Green Biz

Golden Future™ Juniper


Chris Hansen, Breeder
Garden Solutions

Chick Charms® Hens and Chicks
Gnome Dome Orostachys
SunSparkler® Sedums
Winter Thriller Helleborus

Marleys Pink™ Japanese Snowbell
Persian Spire™ Upright Parrotia

JN Plant Selections

Fire King™ Musclewood
Firespire® Musclewood
Mystic Ruby™ Buckeye
Mystic Vision™ Buckeye
Ping Pong™ Buttonbush

Locust Grove Nursery

Sharon Kay™ Doublefile Viburnum

Mingo Nursery

Flaming Moon™ Flowering Dogwood


Frank Case, Breeder
Plantation Springs

Virginian™ Arborvitae


Coral Sun Golden Raintree PBR
Old Fashioned Smokebush PBR

Warren County Nursery

Milestone™ Sweet Gum