Become a Licensed Grower

If you wish to become licensed to propagate any of the plants UpShoot represents – for either test or production purposes – please complete our Licensed Grower Application and Questionnaire and return it to: UpShoot™ LLC, 5010 South Ridge Road, Madison, Ohio 44057.

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Licensed Grower
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Licensed Grower
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Licensed Plant List 
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Updated 10/15/14

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UpShoot Credit Application





Upon approval of your application, license agreements will be forwarded for your signature.

When new plants are your passion, you will appreciate what UpShoot™ LLC  has to offer compared to other new plant introduction companies:

  • Flexibility with minimums.
  • Our team is available 24/7 to support your needs.
  • Regular contact via a variety of communication including phone, e-mail, tradeshows, nursery visits, newsletters, social media and more.
  • We are your extra sales and marketing person in the field. We match your product and services with potential customers by providing on-the-road and trade show sales support.
  • For growers of LCN Selections plants, you are listed on their website as a licensee by plant and company name for easy searching.
  • We establish one-on-one relationships with more than just one contact person at your company. We are willing to work directly with your staff on:
    • Training sales and customer service staff on new plants for increased sales.
    • We provide production staff growing tips to eliminate costly mistakes so you become more effective and efficient.
    • Coordinate with your sales and marketing team on articles, talks, PowerPoint presentations, digital images and more!
    • Marketing needs unique to your business.

If you have any questions regarding the licensing process or patented/trademarked plants, please do not hesitate to contact Maria Zampini via email or cell 440.812.3249.