“I have been around this industry for a good many years, and like many of us old timers, we have worked with great ones and not so great ones. Maria Zampini and UpShoot are at the front of my list of “Great People, Great Companies”.  I do not give such recommendations easily, but people like Maria are not found easily. If I need something answered, a job done professionally, elegantly and on time, I need only write her and it is done. There are few people who can compete with me on ideas for a given project, but Maria has always has them, is not afraid to voice them.  The result is something much better than you ever thought possible.  I enjoy the relationship with Maria and her excellent staff and hope to continue hand in hand down the garden path for many years to come.”

Allan Armitage-Allan Armitage

“When you work with Maria on an order, project or anything, you know the job will be done and it will exceed your expectations.  Maria is in tune with the industry and its needs and she is constantly looking for ways to improve. She continually improves communication between the industry and consumers, improves the quality of plants that are offered, and improves the quality of life in communities through the use of plants.”

Pam Bennett – Pam Bennett, 
   The Ohio State University Extension
   Extension Educator Horticulture and County Director
  Clark County State Master Gardener Coordinator

“I have always been amazed with Jim.  He has the unique ability to spot a plant that is new and different, and in just a few seconds he can fast forward in his mind how the plant should be grown, who should grow it, and how it could be used effectively in the landscape. There are lots of people that can spot new plants and bring them to the market place.  But every time Jim tells me about a new plant, he begins by telling me how the new plant can benefit the end user and add value to the landscape.”

Blankenship Nursery– Jerry Blankenship, Owner
   Blankenship Farms and Nursery

“I have known Maria and Jim Zampini for many years.  It is always a pleasure and an education talking to Jim about a new plant he is looking at possibly introducing to the trade.  He always knows how the plant can or should be used in any type of landscape setting, which is always important to the customer. Maria and Jim work so well together.  Maria in not only promoting LCN Selections but the industry as well in her speaking engagements and in the many countless articles she has written in many state and regional publications. Jim loves what he does and he does it very well.  His knowledge and appreciation of plants has allowed him to see and judge if a plant has merit to continue to pursue it.  He senses how a plant can be used in more than one way – sometimes as a stand alone tree,  as a clump or multi-stem, a top graft or even as a ground cover (Snow Fountains® Cherry).”

Carlton Plants– Dick Bocci, Customer Service Manager
  Carlton Plants, LLC 

“I’m excited about working with UpShoot to promote this publication as they just ‘get it.’ Having both a horticultural background and progressive marketing approach, I’m confident my book sales numbers on Amazon have increased. For some time I have been looking for someone to help me promote my projects. I was truly lucky in finding “UpShoot’ run by two bright, energetic, and lively ladies in our green industry!! They have great skills and real social media depth that I lack. I feel honored to be working with them as they make me feel like a friend and not just another client. They are the fantastic and I certainly rate two thumbs up for UpShoot.”
Stephanie Cohen – Stephanie Cohen,
   Co-Author, The Nonstop Garden Book

“In today’s world, you’ll find many marketers without a specialty—selling any old widget. Not UpShoot, they talk the talk and walk the walk. True horticulture professionals through and through. They know the industry and how to spread the word about great products, creatively and with integrity.”

Jennifer Benner  – Jennifer Benner, 
  Co-Author, The Nonstop Garden Book


“We have had a great relationship with the Zampini family for many years. Jim and Maria have helped us grow our business by introducing us to new varieties and great customers. LCN Selections plants such as Bonanza Gold® Barberry and Passionate™ Hydrangea are great sellers for us and will be for a long time to come. The newer LCN Selection varieties show the same potential for greatness and we are proud to propagate and offer them to our customers.”

Decker's Nursery– Brian Decker, Owner
   Decker’s Nursery

“There are many individuals in the gardening/horticultural industry, but there is only one person who is respected, trusted and admired above all the rest. Maria Zampini is that and more. She is the official ‘go to’ person – who seriously possesses a magnitude of valuable knowledge and expertise to guide individuals, nurseries, professional horticulturists and national companies in making appropriate decisions for their environments.

 This is not a “job” for her, but an honest passion, that is a part of her amazing family heritage in the gardening industry, dating back to the early 1920′s. Maria is dedicated, hardworking and committed to constantly presenting beneficial knowledge to everyone. Besides all of these accolades she is authentically a very wonderful person, who upon knowing her, people instantly covet as a lifelong dear friend!”

Angela DiMaggio – Angela DiMaggio,

“It is a real joy and privilege to have been introduced to Maria and Jim Zampini several years ago.  They instantly rose beyond acquaintances to great friends.  When Jim and Maria talk about plants, the passion is very evident.   It is amazing how Jim can spot a plant that has extraordinary characteristics and has a place in the landscape. When they speak about their introductions, their enthusiasm is contagious and I realize that I have to get that plant into production.  They are such great people to work with and they keep us informed to what is happening in the marketplace.  Maria had worked with us at several trade shows.  Her credibility in the industry draws people into the booth and immediately a conversation begins.  Keep those LCN Selections coming!”

Van Essen Nursery– Dave Van Essen, Owner
   Van Essen Nursery

Maria Zampini is a true steward of the nursery and landscape industry.  Her job, along with the partnership of her dad Jim, is to introduce and promote LCN Selections, but Maria isn’t just about Maria or her job.  Aside from her “job”, she spends countless hours promoting the industry and its constituents through speaking engagements, contributing to the American Nurseryman, personal visitations, and articles in state and regional publications and newsletters.  Her topics include market, economic, and consumer buying trends, management tips, native plants, and many more.

These not only increase the strength of our industry, but they also help us individually to be the best at what we do, thus ensuring the success of our own business.  Setting personal priorities aside, Maria is truly concerned about each and every one of us and our continued success.  I am continually receiving requests from her to send our viburnum CD to someone she has recently visited that has shown an interest in viburnums.  She doesn’t have to do that, I haven’t asked her to do that, that’s just Maria.”

classicviburnum– Gary Ladman, Partner
   Classic Viburnums

 “Jim Zampini is, as we all know, a very knowledgeable plantsman, without whose keen eye and appreciation for plants would have allowed numerous plants to just slip through the cracks and never grace our landscapes.  Although Jim would never admit it, we would all consider him to be quite successful and we would all like to have his notoriety and respect, but what impresses me the most are Jim’s demeanor and the fact that he has never forgotten his humble beginnings. Jim will treat the small entrepreneur the same as he does the large corporation.  Jim will make time to talk with you, and if not available, he will return your phone calls.  Not many company executives would offer you their home phone number and tell you to feel free to call him at home at night if you have any questions or comments.  Even faced with numerous medical issues, Jim will continue to do what he loves most, serving and improving our industry.”

classicviburnum– Gary Ladman, Partner
Classic Viburnums

 “Jim Zampini is both an icon and a visionary in the nursery industry.  His experience and his eye for new, unique plants is something few people possess. You can drive through any town in America and see a Snow Fountain® Cherry, LCN Selections Crabapple or one of the excellent Biblical Series™ of Dogwood selections. Some of the very best products we have produced in our line have been selections made by Jim himself.”
– JJLPNohn Lewis, Owner
  JLPN, Inc.

“In the time that I’ve known Maria Zampini from UpShoot LLC, she has continuously displayed tireless energy and drive in the promotion of the LCN Selections that we have produced.  She facilitates the connections and relations from producer to consumer. The efforts to make the plants seen and used in today’s landscapes is both unseen and unparalleled in the industry.  Maria makes it clear that they are behind their products in both promotion and distribution.”

JLPN– John Lewis, Owner
   JLPN, Inc.

“While the general manager for Femrite Nursery for many years, I worked with Jim and Maria a lot on their many patented varieties of trees.   They have always been easy to work with and very knowledgeable about not only their introductions, but the nursery industry in general in the United States.  We grew about 35 varieties of their patented trees.  They were always very gracious about getting me information and supplying me with bud wood for new introductions.  I couldn’t ask for better or more knowledgeable people to work with.”

– Lance Lyon, Owner, Lance Lyon Consulting

“I want to thank Maria Zampini and Upshoot for the amazing job they did on my press release for my new garden tool, The Ring Weeder.  Being a new company and having a new garden tool, I was in need for a way to promote it for its inaugural  spring season.  Maria Zampini was the right person to get this done.  Not only was she prompt in getting back to me on all the garden writer inquires we received, she was also a great resource.

She went above and beyond for me and The Ring Weeder.  Maria took it upon herself to help me and guide me through my first press release. Her professionalism from beginning to end was second to none. I would highly recommend her and Upshoot to any company looking to get the word out on any product they need to get to the public.”

Vincent Souzzi – Vinnie Suozzi, President 
   Angel Tool Company

“Maria and Jim Zampini have been long-time friends of Lake Erie College and have served as trustees of the Board of Directors in the past.  The image and appearance of the campus are the most important things for prospective students when selecting a college or university.  To that end, UpShoot LLC contributed much to our success over the years by improving the landscape and overall environment of the college community.

Additionally, LCNP has loaned a significant amount of flowers to the College on one of the most important days of our academic year for many years.  At the commencement ceremony in May,  we go to extreme measures to make the campus beautiful. By adding flowers, fresh mulch, the greenest grass, etc.  in order to make the last day of the student’s experience a special one for them to remember Lake Erie College by for years to come.  We are grateful to Maria and Jim for all that they have done.”

Lake Erie College– Michael Victor, President
   Lake Erie College