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“When there are more than a dozen “how-to-garden” type books out there, it seems to me that gardening has become way too complicated for our friends and daughters. Gardening should be enjoyable, therapeutic and creative, not overwhelming. Garden-pedia does something for me that most other books do not; it takes the intimidation out of this calming, joyous hobby as well as simplifies the language of plant science and makes us a little smarter. All books should be as useful, fun and functional. I would not be without this book.”

drarmitage65Dr. Allan M. Armitage
Author, App developer, Speaker and Term Coiner of “Nativar” and the “55-mile per hour plant”.


 “As an Extension professional I can see that we’re currently experiencing a huge resurgence in homeowners coming back to the garden and landscape. Whether it’s to grow some (or all) of their own fresh vegetables or to create a backyard habitat for that relaxing ‘stay-cation,’ gardeners of all skill levels have questions.

 I help to answer these questions on a daily basis. But like any industry, horticulture has a jargon all its own. Many of these questions about basic garden tasks come from reading or watched on TV. Many gardeners have spoken with have commented that there needs to be a garden dictionary/encyclopedia-type book available.  Garden-pedia is that easy to read garden reference. With busy lifestyles the home gardeners needs concise to the point information, but they are also looking to be entertained as well. The authors present an informative and fun resource using both description and illustration. Garden-pedia is going to be a useful tool for the home gardener to navigate through the jargon of the garden to become successful.  I envision home gardeners considering Garden-pedia in the same light as sharing garden information with the authors over the backyard fence.”

crec_logoDr. Gary R. Bachman, Associate Extension/Research Professor of Horticulture and Host of Southern Gardening
Coastal Research and Extension Center Mississippi State University


 “Having extensive experience in both the professional horticulture world as well as the home gardener realm, Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett join forces to serve up their collective knowledge to the rest of us. How nice that this guide gives us just what we need – an understandable and concise handbook of horticultural help.”

Kylee Baumle
Kylee Baumle

Freelance garden writer, blogger at Our Little Acre, and
Author of Indoor Plant Décor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants


 “For too long gardening, that creative, inspiring, joyful enterprise, has been beset by confusing jargon and intimidating instructions. Finally, however, Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett—two brilliant horticulturists who live the work they love—have dug deep into the gibberish and made sense of it. Maria and Pam make a great team, and their experience, knowledge and authority make this book a must-have gardening companion.”

american_nurserymanSally Benson
Editorial Director, American Nurseryman


 “Too many of us in the horticulture world get caught up in complex terminology when talking about plants and gardening, which may scare people off unnecessarily. This book is a great A-Z guide that makes turning your outdoor space into something beautiful less daunting. So don’t be afraid to try your hand at gardening; this book breaks it down into easy-to-understand terms to make it all more understandable and approachable. Happy Gardening!”

AASDiane Blazek
Executive Director, All-America Selections/National Garden Bureau



 “Garden-pedia is exactly what I have been looking for.  Pam Bennett and Maria Zampini use clever illustrations and clear definitions in layman’s terms that make even the most arcane horticultural jargon understandable.”

LuNCSUcy Bradley
State Master Gardener Coordinator and Extension Specialist, Urban Horticulture, North Carolina State University


 “As long-time designers and horticulturalists we have made it a priority to keep our horticultural tech-speak understandable for the everyday gardener. But a quick glance through Garden-pedia showed us that not only were we not up to date but there were also some critical gaps in our knowledge! We continue to learn every year and with the great guidance of this handy book, we will be doing it in style. This is a book that will appeal to all gardeners regardless of how much dirt they have under their fingernails. Now, that makes it “our” kind of book!”

karenKaren Chapman (left) and     christina
Christina Salwitz  (right)
Co-authoers Fine Foliage


 “I just finished a “must have” book called “Garden-pedia” and one that you will use as a reference book as long as you garden. The authors are two experienced gardeners, Pam Bennett, an extension agent, and Maria Zampani, a lady that has grown up in the green industry. They both hold degrees and have been answering questions on gardening for eons. This book puts it all together in a way that everyone from beginner to experienced gardener gets the information in an informative and concise way.. Both ladies have imbued this book with info, pictures, and some quirky comments. Professionals can throw this in their glove compartment in case a customer asks a tricky question. I have been looking for a book like this for a long time because we all forget something and need instant answers. The only thing I’ll say is no matter what category of gardener you are, this book is a must have!”

Stephanie CohenStephanie Cohen
The Perennial Diva



“Clear communication is the key to success in so many realms. In Garden-pedia you get a key to unlock the secrets of gardening language spoken by growers. This cleanly designed and easy-to-read book is packed with insights into the importance and benefits of using Latin names over common names of plants, as well as the definitions of terms bandied about by those who know the language by heart. This will make a great addition to your gardening library or a great gift for a gardening friend.”

PattPattyCrafty Craft
Horticulture magazine content director


 “At last a book in simple terms and rich in colorful graphics that is just perfect for the new gardener or for the veteran gardener who wants a handy up-to date reference. Garden-pedia authors Pam Bennett and Maria Zampini use their wealth of horticultural knowledge and experience to explain in simple language the most common garden terms and how each term is used in the garden.  Concise and with beautiful illustrations, Garden-pedia is an easy read for the novice or experienced gardener. A must have addition for everyone’s home garden library! When it comes to Horticulture, Pam Bennett is the perfect expert to co-author this go-to garden reference. Through her extensive experience working as a Horticulture Extension educator and as the Director of the OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program- Pam knows how to “talk gardening” with both beginner and experienced gardeners alike. She also has a wealth of  Green Industry experience from her work at a small garden center to her leadership on the Ohio Short Course and with the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association.  Pam currently provides international leadership as the chairperson of the Extension Master Gardener Program National Committee- a group dedicated to promoting the work of Master Gardeners throughout the USA and Canada.  I am excited to share this book with colleagues, Master Gardeners and the gardening public in Illinois!”

UofIExtensionMonica David
University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Coordinator



 “This cool, user-friendly garden dictionary will quickly become your go-to guide! Bravo to Veteran plants woman Maria and Pam for writing this fun, informative, concise book.”

tracys bookTracy DiSabato-Aust
Best-selling author



 “Garden-pedia is an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about gardening”

flemingsWes Fleming
Managing Director, Fleming’s Nurseries, Australia


 “I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Bennett for several years now and have attended classes she has taught. She is an excellent horticulturist and teacher! Her style of teaching is clear and entertaining.  When I found out she was co-authoring the Garden-pedia, I knew this would be a valuable tool. I am impressed that authors have created such a wonderful resource for beginning gardeners, Extension Master Gardeners, and experienced horticulturists.”

taex-logoJayla Fry
Texas Master Gardener Coordinator, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service



 “Easy to read but hard to be put down. Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett have made the science of horticulture easy to understand. For the professional horticulturalist, this book is a great reminder of the need to connect with consumers in a way that encourages them to garden. This book should be on every plant lover’s required reading list.”

AmericanHort65Michael V. Geary,
CAE President & CEO, AmericanHort



 “To be a knowledgeable gardener is to feed your mind and soul for a lifetime.  A book to navigate scientific terminology surrounding the complex living systems that create productive gardens, is brilliant. Pam Bennett and Maria Zampini have enhanced the gardening experience with this book. Dig in & your garden will thrive!”

umgphiJayme T. Grzebik
Urban Horticulturist & O’ahu & Statewide Coordinator, University of Hawaii Master Gardener Program


“I want to thank you so much for writing a book that allows us all to understand those ‘trade’ and ‘tribal’ terms that we all hear and even sometimes use, but are really not sure what the mean. When I picked up a copy of your book it was very clear to me that I had just found my new training manual for my employees ! The clarity of the font chosen and the pictures and illustrations are just great!”

“We are a very small garden center and in an area where I have a tough time finding folks who want to learn the nursery business on a retail level. Your book made a ‘expert’ out of my new hires in 48 hours and it made them fell comfortable as a new employee when talking to customers, it really empowered them with confidence. Thanks so much for writing this and all my best.”

1417069671Anthony Hoke aka Farmer Tony

Sunflower Farms, Silverton, OR


 “What is tomentose?” “Remind me where the stolen and rhizome are located?”  “Where do I find the pericarp?”

“As an instructor for the Extension Master Gardener program the hardest part of teaching is all of the garden terminology – it takes years to learn proper botanical and gardening terms correctly. In the past there has not been a convenient way to retrieve common sense definitions of horticulture terms quickly and accurately. Pam and Maria have done just that with Garden-pedia! I look forward to sharing this with all of my current Extension Master Gardeners, and garden friends and incorporating it into my educational materials for future classes. Thanks to Pam and Maria we now have a fun, convenient, and comprehensive way to learn the correct meaning of all those gardening terms we have, at times, scratched our heads and wondered – ‘what does that mean?’

unextensionTerri L. James
Extension Horticulturalist Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


 “I heartily endorse this book for new and experienced gardeners alike. Pam Bennett is a nationally respected and experienced horticulturist who can explain difficult terms in plain, easily understood language. It is noteworthy that she has chosen to donate half of her sales proceeds to support the Ohio State Master Gardener program. The authors have created a visually appealing, clear and concise reference book. It should have a place in everyone’s library who is interested in gardening.”

msu-extensionLelia Scott Kelly, Ph.D.
Extension Professor of Horticulture, Consumer Horticulture Specialist, Mississippi State University Extension Service


 “For any busy person, trying to make sense of their own little corner of the world, look no further. This is the book. Just the book you need to make sense of this sometimes crazy and confusing world of horticulture. Gardening shouldn’t be complicated. But just in case you need some help, this book is a great place to start. Finally, a guide to gardening that breaks down some of the most confusing terms to everyday speak. My kinda book! If you’ve ever felt adrift in a sea of gardening terms, this book is your lighthouse.  All you need for a casual and ready reference to some of the most important terms every gardener should know.”

joe lJoe Lamp’l
Executive Producer & Host: Growing a Greener World®
Founder & CEO: The joe gardener® Company


“I love Garden-pedia, as it is a very easy read.  I plan on purchasing some as gifts to my employees and as well for new customers when they book jobs of a certain value!  I was even able to “brush up” on a few things myself by reading this book!  The photographer is good.  And I am a visual person, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Very well done and a great resource for our industry; old, young and new.”

HillermannSandi Hillermann McDonald
Hillerman Nursery & Florists


 “As one of the leading experts in our industry, Maria was the first person I turned to when I needed help developing content for my gardening app, Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to get to the heart of what a gardener needs to know about a plant make her the perfect collaborator.”

Susan MorrisonSusan Morrison
Landscape designer, author of Garden Up!
Editor of The Designer magazine


 “Wow!  This is the dynamic duo of the green industry – Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett coming together as co-authors!  I have personally known these ladies for over 20 years.  They are extremely knowledgeable and always ready to help people expand their knowledge about plant material.  Maria and Pam have a real passion for plants and we are lucky that they are putting what they know into print.  It is exciting to know we will have their book as our resource and it will be written in terms that are user-friendly for those in the green industry, those with a green thumb, and those with a new-found love of gardening.  I can’t wait to have a copy in my library!”

OLA_smallSandy Munley
Executive Director, Ohio Landscape Association



 “Gardening is a lifelong learning process. Understanding the terminology of gardening builds confidence for the novice, and those with more dirt under their fingernails, so to speak, are lifelong learners. Garden-pedia will be a good resource for everyone!”

Oregon50Ann Murphy
Former Director of Marketing, Oregon Association of Nurseries


“Gardening is full of jargon, whether you do it professionally or pursue it as a hobby.  Maria and Pam have written an enlightening and entertaining book that sifts through the words and their meanings for the benefit of gardeners everywhere.”

kellyKelly Norris
Award-winning author and Horticulture Manager, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.



“For the multitudes of frustrated gardeners who are befuddled by biennials, confused by cross-pollination, lost in Latin translation, mystified by micro-nutrients and perplexed by propagation, Garden-pedia will solve your problems! Authors Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett wade through the confusing jargon and present easy-to-understand terms for gardeners.”

Nursery ManagementKelli Rodda
Editor,  Nursery Management Magazine


“Maria and Pam have bridged the gap for the home gardener to help them understand what the professionals are REALLY saying. A must have for anyone who gardens!”

eatrosesDenise Schreiber,  Mrs. Know It All of “The Organic Gardeners”
Author Eat Your Roses Pansies, Lavender and 49 other Delicious Flowers
Region 2 Director, Garden Writers Association


Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett speak just the right lingo to help new and experienced gardeners understand the language of horticulture.”

Jo Ellen Meyers SharpJo Ellen Meyers Sharp
Author, writer, editor, speaker, Indianapolis Star garden columnist
Secretary, Garden Writers Association


“Gosh we like to make it complicated, using all those botanical and Latin names. I took Latin at school and think I excelled to be third from the bottom of the class. So just when you think you have some of the fancy plant names figured out and you are feeling pretty good about the conversation you are going to have with a few of your more experienced gardening friends you break out into a cold sweat suddenly realizing you are a raw recruit when it comes to the garden jargon. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Maria Zampini and Pam Bennett, have saved the day. These two ladies bring a wealth of down to earth garden, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get planting experience to the table in the form of their new book, Garden – pedia. Maria is from a leading, well rooted nursery family in Ohio and is now focusing on the new plant business. With her co-author Pam, a tall tree in the forest of Master Gardeners and Educators in Ohio, they have taken a somewhat complicated topic and turned it into an easy armchair read. New terms will roll off the tongue like you are a weathered professional. It’s a must have for the garden bookshelf. Or better yet a wonderful gift for friends and family who love to play in the dirt. I remain a sapling in their presence.”

monroviaBNicholas Staddon
Director of New Plant Introductions, Monrovia Growers



“What a great resource!  Garden-pedia is a fun, easy to read gardening book that serves as a valuable tool for all gardeners, from novice to trained professional.  Maria and Pam are two of Ohio’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts and sought after speakers on gardening, so this book is sure to be a hit”.

ONLA Kevin Thompson
Executive Director, Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association



“Finally, a handy and concise gardening reference that explains horticultural terms. A terrific book for new and experienced gardeners alike. Bennett and Zampini have done the gardening world a big favor with this practical reference. Their concise definitions of gardening terms are brought to life by photos and tips. Garden-pedia is a handy and welcome reference book. The clear, jargon-free terms, and accompanying photos and tips, will boost the knowledge and confidence of all gardeners.”

university-of-maryland-extensionJon Traunfeld I Extension Specialist
University of Maryland Extension



“Pam Bennett & Maria Zampini new book “GARDEN-PEDIA” brings a breath of fresh air for anyone who needs easy to apply principals to achieve gardening success.  Pam and Maria’s unique style makes the complicated topics easy to understand and use.  There are way too many sources of gardening information, full of garden geek language that leaves you more confused after you read it than before you started.  Garden-pedia makes the complex gardening concepts of success, easy to understand and for you to apply in your yard! I have known both of these extraordinary lady’s for over 10 plus years and consider them an inspiration to know personally as well as an honor to work with professionally.   In the world in which we live, in it’s hard to find people like Pam and Maria.  They’re contribution to the world of gardening is unrivaled and is tireless and filled with inner passion and endless enthusiasm. Garden-pedia is a must own manual that should be a reference guide for every single person that dabbles in the garden to have a broader depth and understanding of how to speak the language of gardening.  Garden-pedia will turn your brown thumb vivid green!”

Mark WebberMark Webber
 Host of Garden Talk for over 20 years on News95.7 WHIO and AM 1290 in Dayton Ohio



“Pam is an amazing horticulturist.  She has so much gardening knowledge that I think she can teach almost any plant related topic.  Pam also has the unique ability to make any topic interesting and easy to understand.”

mglogo_colorTom Wichman
University of Florida, Master Gardener Coordinator




“I have friends who do this, but I wouldn’t say I was the kind of person who does. Maybe you are…do you read the dictionary? I’m more likely to read a thesaurus. (I remember the first joke I learned in elementary school: What’s another word for thesaurus? I still think it’s funny.) I never read a dictionary until now, that is. I’ve never one to passed up an opportunity to learn a cool word. If someone says an unfamiliar word to me, I go into some kind of trance so I can memorize it. Then I use it in a verbal sentence, then in a written one. I want to commit the new word to memory. I’m often complimented on my vocabulary. Frankly, I don’t know that I’m using fancy words, but apparantly I like pull deep into my brain to surface something befitting.

Recently, during my first cup of Sunday morning coffee, I started reading Garden-pediaNext thing I knew, I’m reading through my second cup of freshly brewed Trader Joe’s French Roast. Garden-pedia is adorable; and there are words I never knew. I do now! Let’s just say I’m now as hip as a Zone 8 microclimate in my Zone 7b hardiness zone.  Filled with fun gardening tid-bits, this is the perfect gift to give everyone new to gardening. You’ll learn a lot about gardening just reading Garden-pedia. I highly recommend Garden-pedia by Pamela Bennett and Maria Zampini!”

helen yobookcoverHelen Yoest
Author, Plants with Benefits


“Leave it up to the ‘Queens of Green’ to bring both hobby and professional gardeners together, speaking and understanding the same gardening lingo.  Garden-pedia is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use as a reference; now that’s my kind of easy reading.  Well done, Maria Ann and Pamela Jean!”

onairronwilson2 Ron Wilson
 Natorp’s Marketeam, Radio host, Speaker, Personal Yardboy






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