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UpShoot is a boutique horticulture marketing firm. We are passionate about plants—growing and locating new ones. Experiencing that undeniable thrill of first discovery—whether it’s our plant find or yours! We love learning about plants and sharing our knowledge to the media and consumers.

From breeders and plantsmen to growers and gardeners—UpShoot helps all ornamental horticulture enthusiasts live out their passion for plants. We nurture growers new plants into successful products. We share valuable information through our national writing and speaking engagements.

Through UpShoot, the world is a little more alive and a lot greener. Contact UpShoot today for details.

gardenpediabookcoverredux (1)Available Now! from St. Lynn’s Press

Garden-pedia: An A – Z Guide to Gardening Terms

Maria Zampini has teamed up with Pamela Bennett of The Ohio State University to co-author the only book you will ever need to understand garden speak! Learn more about the book and order your copy today!


UpShoot Featured Plants and Products

UpShoot is a boutique horticultural marketing firm specializing in sales, marketing and licensing of new plant introductions and promotion of gardening-related products.  Let us introduce you to two:

Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR
Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PP 19,035


Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew


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HGTV HOME Plant Collection Partner

UpShoot, LLC is a sourcing partner for the HGTV HOME Plant Collection.
We are constantly seeking plants that intersect at smart & stylish.  If you have a new plant you feel meets this criteria contact us today!

Learn more about the HGTV HOME Plant Collection on www.hgtvhomeplants.com.
To become a grower or retailer of the HGTV HOME Plant Collection, visit www.agricolamanagement.com

Follow Maria and other contributors as they share great gardening insights, including easy to follow and inspiring garden advice on the HGTV HPC Know How! Blog.
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The CoHort Zone Blog
nsp50 Garden Writers Enews: Greet Spring with the Chicago Home & Flower Show
February 26, 2015

There is still time to sign up for the Region III meeting at Navy Pier on March 14th in conjunction with the Chicago Home & Flower Show; the early bird registration has been extended to February 28th with a final registration deadline of March 6th.

Coming Events

Maria Zampini speakingMaria is a sought after speaker sharing her plant knowledge as well as retail, marketing and plant breeding expertise. 

If you’re interested in having Maria speak to your group, email: maria@upshoothort.com.

Photo courtesy of Louise Hartwig of Two Girls with a Purpose.

March 5, 2015
9 am – 4:14 pm

16th Annual Central Ohio Perennial Flower School
Topics of the show:A New Spin on Old Favorites, Beauty by Design, Glorious Daylilies, Small Shrubs for Enhancing the Perennial Garden and Perennial Pest Gotcha Down
Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts anc Conference Center

March 7, 2015
8:05 am ET
WXTK 95.1 radio or iHeartRadio app
Gardenline with C.L. Fornari
On topic: 
Garden-pedia: An A – Z Guide to Gardening Terms

March 7, 2014
Lunch Hour
On topic: Garden-pedia: An A – Z Guide to Gardening Terms  book talk and signing
Lake County Master Gardener’s annual Home Gardener’s Workshop
Kirkland , Ohio

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