Rooted in horticulture.

For three generations, the Zampini family has worked in horticulture in the Lake County, Ohio area. Our horticulture roots trace back to the famed Storrs & Harrison Nursery, which was at one time the largest nursery in the world. From there we went on to start our own nursery on a ¼-acre plot of land, where roses were the main crop. Under my father Jim Zampini’s leadership, the family nursery grew to 1,000 acres, and Lake County Nursery, Inc. became one of the most diverse and largest wholesale nurseries in the United States. In 2009, Jim and I left the wholesale growing world to concentrate on new plant introductions.

Through UpShoot, we’re not only marketing great plants to growers and gardeners alike—we’re bringing our expertise to a greater audience. You’ll find my articles in top industry trade journals and leading consumer gardening publications. We travel the world for speaking engagements, seminars and industry trade shows. All these avenues allow us to share the knowledge and inspiration we’ve gained through the decades.  UpShoot has the support of multiple experienced, quality freelance colleagues who specialize in writing, blog and website design, social media, photography, patent and trademark applications, and more to help meet and exceed customer expectations.

With each new part of the industry that we’ve entered, we’ve carried our love for plants, our dedication to our customers and our belief that hard work and determination are what turn ideas into opportunities and opportunities into successful realities.

Maria’s first memory of working in the family business is putting fertilizer pills in pots at age seven. Maria worked her way up the green corporate ladder and now represents LCN Selections and other new…[MORE]

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Robert Pettorini

Even though he is attending Lakeland Community College full time, Robert oversees production of new plant varieties at UpShoot. He provides critical input on marketing and production. Robert helps prepare all new plant information including: – Flyers–…[MORE]

For a more detailed look back at the Zampini family’s horticultural history, please download the LCN Historical Scrapbook from the 60th Anniversary 2007-2008 Lake County Nursery, Inc. catalog (reprinted with permission from LCN Holdings, Inc. dba Lake…[MORE]