The CoHort Zone

February 27, 2019

Plant Spotlight: Mystic Vision™ and Mystic Ruby™ Buckeyes

#Native #Aesculus #Buckeye #FallFoliage Mystic Vision™ Buckeye Aesculus glabra x flava ‘Deck Select’ Mystic Ruby™ Buckeye Aesculus x bushii ‘Aaron 1’ PP 29092 Mystic Vision™ and Mystic Ruby™ Buckeyes Aesculus glabra x flava ‘Deck Select’…[MORE]

January 15, 2019

Press Release: Manor View Farm and LandscapeHub Partner

One stop shopping for green goods buyers in the Mid-Atlantic just got easier with the addition of Maryland-based Manor View Farm as a LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partner.

December 13, 2018

Press Release: EverColor® brings new distinctions and Carex varieties to its ever popular ouevre

EverColor® – the cold hardy, easy to grow, colorful Carex varieties – continue to take the world by storm. Now with new breeder rights in Japan and a new variety added to the eight already popular with gardeners, growers, and retailers in North America, this plant is a must have!

December 11, 2018

December 2018 Licensed Grower Enews: “Farwest Favorite New Plants”

This year’s Farwest Show afforded UpShoot multiple opportunities to put the spotlight on our new plant introductions.

December 6, 2018

December 2018 Garden Writer Enews: “Not to Be Missed”

UpShoot had a great time in Chicago for the GWA 2018 Annual Conference and Expo. It was a pleasure to be an exhibitor, a sponsor and a speaker. In case you weren’t able to come to the Windy City, here is a brief synopsis of what you missed in the UpShoot booth.